THE PARTY A moving image and sculpture work made initially for Campus Ås, NMBU. A surreal post-apocalyptic home party placed in an undefined future where the location is fluid. This work focus on 3D printed replicas of various household plastic objects, common in 2012, which take on a new role in a post plastic future. The party-host guides the party participants through a fragmented story about and relationship with objects. Reenacting a home party, in a world where this is not possible or relevant. Questioning ideas around Object Orientated Ontology and current collection and valuation of artefacts. This work is part of Maren Dagny Juell’s video series Tutorials where she questions the role of advice and instructions through a mediated technological society. In addition to the film, Maren produces a sculpture made of 3D printed objects as a display to be placed in the middle of an arboretum (in a forest) at the University of Biosciences (NMBU) in Norway. The plastic objects are printed in PVA, a material made of corn that composts when exposed to nature. CAST Host: Iselin Shumba Man: Aslak Juell Kristensen Women (from right to left): Sarune Bartuasuite Kaupiene Kuya Bae Andrea Fritsvold Yvonne Layne CREW Written, directed, edit and graphics: Maren Dagny Juell Director of photography: Mattias Pollak B Photo: Annicken Aasheim Light. Jon Andre Hakavåg Sound recording: Rune Baggerud Sound designer/composer: Arild Iversen Colourist Make up artist: Kristina Kvam Production manager: Hanne Rivrud Production assistant: Miriam Hald SUPPORT Commissioned by KORO Norway Supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and Forbundet Frie Fotografer
A short 30 sec. excerpt. To see the whole film go here
The Party installation. 2021 12 bottles, 3D printed in PLA (plastic made of corn starch) is floating in a circle in the forest. Placed on iron rods they will slowly decompost. NMBU Campus Ås.