SQUAT is a series of videos, sculptures and Virtual Reality-tech taking their departure from the aesthetics, apparatuses and ideologies of the fitness industry. In the gym your only concern is yourself, you are anywhere and nowhere, enclosed by a hallowed space where decay and worries from the outside world seems absent. Tutorial#8 SQUAT refer to the subjects failure to act adequately on instruction. In its iteration at PODIUM Oslo the visitors are encouraged to take the VR-system for a test run, letting its constructed, virtual environment overlap the installation in the exhibition space.

SQUAT---UAT at Podium Oslo included a 15 minute session with VR glasses and a personal trainer to test your physical limits. Possible to book via a booking site  http://squat.marenjk.net


SQUAT materialises the virtual and breaches the escapism inherent in the popular presentation of the new VR-medium, bringing your attention to the haptic, shaking, fleshy body stuck in the centre. In a society always adapting to the newest demands, the body emerges as the image of the rebel.





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